Client Testimonials

The following client testimonials provide insight into the relationships Back2Basics builds with small- and middle-market manufacturers. The diverse collections of companies, industries, and types of product/process complexity illustrate the range of consulting capability and reach.

Rough Terrain Container Handling OEM - Assembly, Warehouse Management and Parts Support

“Jeff Sipes has taken us on an extraordinary lean journey over the past 18 months. He is viewed by our leaders and employees as a partner and colleague whose wisdom is valued and quickly integrated. His analysis of our aftermarket parts business doubled our business revenue while simultaneously dramatically improving customer satisfaction. Jeff's work on our internal processes (assembly, paint, and shipping) contributed to major improvements in performance. Simultaneously he led our managers and employees through a lean thinking curriculum that has influenced how we think and operate as a business. User friendly, humble, and open, he inspires respect and adoption from employees. Jeff is my partner in our business journey for as long as I am in my job.”

Steve Speakes

IRTC - San Antonio

Tier 1 Fabrication – Construction Equipment Industry Testimonials

“Jeff was a vital part of our Lean Journey. He was not only an effective teacher of Lean fundamentals to our executive and leadership teams, but he also assisted us in aligning our expectations for the Journey itself. Jeff taught us to change the way we looked at business processes; how to break down silos and create flow in every possible aspect. What I like most about Jeff's approach is his willingness to roll up his sleeves and work side by side with our personnel, at every level. Not only was he effective in guiding our executive team toward the creation of our Lean operating principles but he was just as effective in implementing those principles throughout our organization. Today, we look at our business through a different lens. I recommend Jeff's assistance to any organization that aspires to embrace Lean principles.”

Eric D. Miller

“I had the opportunity to work with Jeff when he first came to MWM.  At the time, I was one of our facility managers.  Jeff worked with myself and our team to create alignment within our organization on how to start to implement Lean methodology.  Jeff took me under his wing to train and mentor me to be an effective Lean implementer.  Jeff does a great job at asking those hard questions and he helped push us to the next level.  Jeff has tremendous knowledge and background in Lean and is more than willing to share that information to help make us all better.    We are now becoming self-sufficient and sustaining our improvements through his counseling and coaching.”

Rich Steel
Director of Lean Manufacturing

Miller Fabrication Solutions

OEM Design, Fabrication, and Assembly – Powered Lawn Care Equipment Industry

“Back2Basics assisted my company with our lean journey.  Over the course of one year, Jeff Sipes taught our employees to understand and apply lean methods and techniques, become process-oriented, and develop a self-sufficiency that will last long after Back2Basics has completed its work.  We are prepared to take on our growth in an organized and disciplined manner as result or our relationship with Back2Basics.”

Tom Rich

L.T. Rich Products

Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturing Testimonials

"I hired Back2Basics, LLC to help us prepare for a new product launch and to introduce Lean principles and methods in our automotive exhaust systems plant. Jeff Sipes effectively worked with our people to assess our improvement opportunities and determine how to integrate Lean thinking into our production and materials processes. One of Back2Basics' strengths is their ability to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and getting our people on board and engaged to do what needs to be done. The outcome was effective implementation of Lean methods and successful product launch."

Dennis Berry
President & CEO

“As Plant Manager for our exhaust manufacturing facility I have been thoroughly impressed and have greatly enjoyed working with Jeff and his Back2Basics team. Their practical approach to Lean manufacturing and ability to translate the methodologies to our front line Associates has made cultural change possible and profitable for all. Back2Basics kicked off our Lean journey in mid-2007 with a plant wide over view and since that time we’ve worked together to inspire the Plant team one kaizen event at a time; we’ve made believers out of 250 Associates as evidenced by the amount of improvement suggestions I get on a weekly basis. The high event attendance and lively dialogue, by all levels, during the Lean events is a strong testament to the consultants’ ability to explain the process of continuous improvement, apply it and make it fun. Jeff and his team not only talk the talk but they walk the walk by getting dirty with us on the shop floor as we make change happen. At the end of the day, Lean is about adding value to the operation, either tangible or intangible, by eliminating value stream waste and Back2Basics has been our catalyst to make this happen.”

Jeff Paquin
Plant Manager

Industrial Products Manufacturing Testimonials

“One of our 2010 Vital Goals was to convert one of our manufacturing plants, which had limited knowledge of Lean principles, into a “Model Plant.”  Jeff Sipes at Back2Basics, LLC, was contracted to provide project leadership and direction and six months later we concluded the effort on time and on budget.  One of Jeff’s strengths in driving change, in addition to understanding Lean principles, is his ability to communicate effectively with all levels of an organization.  The plant transformation was a success but the process efficiency gains seemed secondary to the staff camaraderie that occurred working towards mutually defined “Lean” objectives and to the clear understanding that continuous process improvement can never stop.”

Craig Borsdorf
Chief Operating Officer

“Having just completed a six month Lean training and implementation program with Jeff Sipes and his Back2Basics, LLC team, I am extremely impressed with the results.  They were adept at presenting and demonstrating Lean concepts and methodologies in a way that was easy for our employees to understand and quickly begin putting into practice.  Jeff and his team did an outstanding job of quickly assessing our processes and identifying the best course of action to help us reach our project goals.  They were able to keep our employees actively involved and make the experience fun and positive for all of us.  Back2 Basics, LLC has helped us start our Lean journey off on the right foot.”

Bryan Henry
Plant Manager